Mojo Beads UK



Nostalgic, Mood-Boosting, and not to mention, SUPER Instagrammable, Mojo Beads is taking accessorizing to A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF FUN and it's founders let us in on their (Happy) plot.

• Our aesthetic is a mix of 1990s - Y2K since we were born within that generation gap. The brand is fun, happy and quirky; it refreshes your daily outfits and ensures you are always trendy and stylish.

• The Mojo Beads trick to layering and stacking is to start with a thinner Choker (Endless Love), then lengthening another slightly chunkier choker with
no dangling charms (Lana Choker) and then finishing off with a chain charmed necklace (Gummy Crush) or a chunky choker (Smile Power)

• More is more - we even double stack our phone chains! The Phone Chains are our best sellers and our original specialty. The fact that they are versatile and multi-use and can be used as necklaces too, is what makes us unique in comparison to other brands.


Products Featured in Fashion Memo: 

1. Sweet Heart Necklace

2. Hey Sunshine Sunglass Chain

3. Endless Love Choker

4. Sparkle Galore Bracelet